Rite Care Providers


MTM (Medication Therapeutic Management ) Telehealth Pharmacy Liver Pharmacy (Hepatitis) Diabetic management Vaccination (Mobile Immunization ) Preventing and treating Opioid overdose Naloxone treatment (Opioid Overdose) Travel Meds and Travel Vaccines Hormone Therapy DUR (Drug Utilization Therapy) Smoking Cessation Weight control Homeopathic Wellness and Preventive Meds Nutritional Supplements and Vitamins Alternative/Preventive Specialty Medicine Billing insurances and Auditing Medicare Enrollment Expert in Customer Service Auditing Regulatory Files QA (Quality Assurance ) review to prevent errors and causes Computer skills Disease Review vs Treatment & Drug Review SB493 implantation Preventing Drug Diversion Enforce Corresponding Duties by Licensed Pharmacists (education & training)